Latest sightings:

Beginning of December: Fully grown Rooikat (Caracal) was spotted crossing the road close to Jan Eentands’ cottage. His distinguishing ears could be clearly seen. He quickly disappeared into the bushes next to the road. This is only one of the sightings of the cat that had been seen before in the same area.

Kudu is becoming more and more abundant and frequent sightings have been recorded. It is nice to note that quite a number of young ones have also been seen.

On Rugbrekersnek the resident Klipspringers have been seen often  – especially early in the mornings.

It is good to report that our bird life is also on the increase and several groups of Cape pheasant have been spotted at different locations. Hadeda often awakens one early morning and rock thrushes are teaching their young at the moment to look for food.

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