Please note that the pass is currently closed.  Latest reports are that repair vehicles were sent in and also got stuck in the mud…literally.

As you’ve seen on the news, the Beaufort-West region recently received much needed rain.  The Gamka-dam is currently overflowing and the river is coming down at a rapid pace.  This means that the bridge leading across the river to Boplaas is also under water.  We can therefore not gauge whether the bridge was damaged and therefor Boplaas is completely inaccessible.  Cape Nature have closed their reserve for 10 days as a precautionary measure.

With repair vehicles already on site and no more rain expected, we are positive that by next week the road will be open once again.

We will keep you posted on the condition of the road as we get reports in.  If you are/were planning a trip into The Hell, please call Cape Nature on 0235411736 for up to the minute reports on the road.